About Us

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We form an organization of users and workers of Chlorine Chemistry that is organized independently of the employers of chemistry and any other pressure group.

We basically defend our professionalism and we are against the behavior of some green multinationals.

We affirm that the question of employment and the defense of the job is also legitimate. Should this defense be at any cost? Not at all. We take into account that the defense of the workplace does not have to be incompatible with the defense of the environment and our own occupational health, therefore, we affirm that the defense of any product that is harmful to both workers and the environment environment, it is not the best guarantee for one’s own employment. Why a Chlorine Chemical Users and Workers Organization?

We do not believe that we are the only ones who are in possession of the truth, but the existence of a false debate in today’s society on productive issues, has forced a group of men and women, linked to the workplace of chlorine chemistry and Regardless of their union affiliation, they wish to take an active part in a project that allows the permanent transmission of information to civil society to help make the debate in-depth and profitable for all.

We think that there is no “lasting development” , that is to say “sustainable”, without conservation of the quality of the environment. But conversely, the search for a better environment should not be conceived at the expense of the socioeconomic well-being of the entire community.

Despite the risks that progress entails, we cannot forget its contribution to the notable improvement of human living conditions.

For example, the standard of living of the world’s population has doubled in the last thirty years, and their life expectancy has almost doubled since the Industrial Revolution began.

Defense of the environment is not exclusive to anyone, it is everyone’s obligation. Let us defend, therefore, the preservation of the environment with rationality, without catastrophies or radical positions.

We are open to any discussion with opinions, yes, which should be substantiated and contrasted with scientific studies of a certain rigor, so that the approach can be serious and positive.

We think that there are three fundamental problems in today’s world such as hunger, disease and overpopulation. As Chlorine Chemistry Workers, as professionals we believe that, if we are able to combine the environment with scientific and industrial progress, without hindering social and economic development, we will have managed to be in a position to be more in solidarity with today’s world.